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No surprise…

This weekend the rage erupted. It spewed it’s hurt all over the family. It has been coming since the start of September and I have already made moves to start coping with it. The worst possible thing for me, is … Continue reading

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It’s a new chapter – adoption thoughts

At some point yesterday, after a variety of conversations over the course of the week (both IRL and on twitter) it struck me how many people still see adoption as a cure all. It’s not. And that (I think) is … Continue reading

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Education thinking…as a teacher & adoptive parent

A few weeks ago I saw a statistic that bothers me… at the end of KS2 75% of pupils ‘pass’ (whatever that means in today’s education world). It has long been recognized that looked after children don’t do as well … Continue reading

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February memories…

It’s the end of February half term, a time that is filled with memories for me – both joyous and sad. So it fits that this week’s #WASO over at the Adoption Social is ‘Look how far we’ve come’ 8 … Continue reading

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Reasons to smile…

Everything gets superseded. I started a post last week, about our team around the child meeting, but lost the ability to make sense. I started writing another couple of posts about things, but couldn’t get what I wanted to across…so … Continue reading

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An interview prior to national adoption week…

Early this week I had the ‘pleasure’ of been contacted by our local adoption services asking if they could interview me in preparation for National Adoption Week. I warned them that it wasn’t roses and sunshine but agreed anyway, because, … Continue reading

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A place to relax…

I laughed when I just realised I hadn’t posted anything since last weekend (I know, situation normal really) my last post was all about The Open Nest Conference and this post well, you’ll see… This past half term has been … Continue reading

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