Oh… it’s been a while!

I don’t know if I can still do this, but all this reflection on the last decade has made me wonder. I’m not sure how much I have to say, or what I should share. But I have missed this space, so I might as well see.

We have grown. We are all a little older. Some are a little bigger. Some problems have changed, some remain the same.

Big is 10, nearly 11. That means he has reached the final year of primary. We have applied for secondary school and it will be a long 6 weeks before we find out where he goes from September… or at least whether he is allocated a place at the school we want him to attend, or whether the LA ignores our request.  He is limping through this year at school, with his differences more pronounced than ever. He attends an alternative setting one day a week, in the attempt to get him through.

Small is 7 going on 5 or 2 depending on the day. Following an amazing end to KS1, he is struggling with KS2 and is not afraid to let his feelings show. It took a while for his teacher to appreciate his uniqueness, but she is there, fallen under his spell. We still sit in a queue waiting for an adhd assessment.

OH & I are both still working, which often seems like a miracle. The dog is still with us, although approaching 12 she can get a little impatient. We have one gerbil (this time last week, i’d have written two gerbils).


I’m starting the year, knowing we have lived and learnt a lot in the last decade, and wondering what the future holds.




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