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School issues – again

This year has mostly been about Boyo and the big achievements he is making and the paperwork we are making. FASD diagnosis. EHCP. Sensory work. We haven’t forgotten Jelly; but around Christmas, I threw my hands up in disgust at … Continue reading

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more meetings

I really wish I could properly reflect on the last few months, but it simply isn’t possible. All I can say is ‘too much’. We had a meeting at Cahms this morning. Not as promised by our social worker a … Continue reading

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Meeting… Team around the child

So it’s nearly two weeks since our Team Around the Child (TAC) at school…since when I have heard nothing from our Post Adoption Social Worker and had an apology from the SENCO. The SENCO had invited a selection of people … Continue reading

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September’s nearly here…

I am pleased to report that we have survived the 6 week holiday…but it’s not entirely been smooth, and this week boyo has raised his anxiety levels to a new high… Tomorrow my term starts. And yes I went back … Continue reading

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An adoption friendly school

There are a few reasons that I have been thinking what an adoption friendly school would look like…not least a friend suggested that myself and some other friends such open a free school based on this idea…it was desperation talking. … Continue reading

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School…feeling calmer

So I had my meeting with boyo’s teacher for next year this afternoon…and I feel calm and reassured. She has taken the information from reception, the information from the SENCO and random bits of info from the other yr1 teacher … Continue reading

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I’m sure I have lots of posts to write…just not sure where they are in my head! So for today… * we are getting our adoptive families forum (http://cllrralphberry.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/launching-bradford-adoption-forum/) Need to say it again, thank you Councillor Ralph Berry. * … Continue reading

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