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Education thinking…as a teacher & adoptive parent

A few weeks ago I saw a statistic that bothers me… at the end of KS2 75% of pupils ‘pass’ (whatever that means in today’s education world). It has long been recognized that looked after children don’t do as well … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Jelly

Small dude (aka Jelly) turned 4 today and despite a rocky start and a difficult end it hasn’t been a bad day. We made the decision at breakfast time to abandon our previous plans as Boyo was not coping and … Continue reading

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When is okay, not okay?

When Boyo’s teacher asks him whether he understands a task, he will always say yes.  When someone asks him if he is okay, he will always say yes. When you ask a child who doesn’t feel safe, any question, they … Continue reading

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Twice in the last month, I have shaken my head in horror at what I was trying to organise, to realise on the actual day, that it was worthwhile. I think the ‘why did I say I would do this’ … Continue reading

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