Reasons to smile…

Everything gets superseded. I started a post last week, about our team around the child meeting, but lost the ability to make sense. I started writing another couple of posts about things, but couldn’t get what I wanted to across…so for this week’s WASO I am sticking to theme I order to find my writing vibe again!

Reasons to be cheerful…

1. The boys…because no matter how interesting life is with them, I would not be without them.

2. The huge double cuddle I got on Wed when I collected boyo for school, and Jelly’s childminder released him at exactly the same moment as boyo pelted out of school, one boy round the front of my legs, one boy at my back.

3. My best friends, who accept my family for what it is, and know how to cheer me up when I need it. And other amazing friends.

4. M, himself, without whom (& without his calmness) I would go round the bend.

5. Boyo’s amazing teacher and SENCO who have organised things to help him develop and grow socially at school. And who understand he needs to feel safe before he can learn.

6. Other adopters, on Twitter, within blogs, and those I actually know…without whom I would be lost. Including those I have met through Twitter.

7. Those early morning cuddles, and smiles. The joy of living life with the boys involves many of these.

8. The fact that no matter how hard our house move was (and still is) we live in a gorgeous house, in the town we call home and can walk onto the moor in 10 mins.

9. The fact that my boys love being outside, that we can find joy just running around no matter where.

10. Childish laughter and infectious giggles.

And many, many other things.

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2 Responses to Reasons to smile…

  1. Vicki says:

    A lovely list of things to be cheerful about. I felt happy just reading through them 🙂

    Thanks, as always, for linking up to #WASO

  2. Clairey says:

    A great list. I hope you do write about your TAC meeting. Would be interesting to hear. Things at school have taken a downward turn for us. Too much negativity taking its toll. Have an emergency meeting on Tuesday. X

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