February memories…

It’s the end of February half term, a time that is filled with memories for me – both joyous and sad. So it fits that this week’s #WASO over at the Adoption Social is ‘Look how far we’ve come’

8 years ago, I should have missed the training day (on my birthday) to go for a scan. Instead of which I spent the day hiding because various people who should not have known I was pregnant were looking at me with sympathetic eyes, because, as they had been told (not by me) that I was pregnant, they needed telling that I had had a miscarriage.

5 years ago, I was preparing to go back to school after a week off, knowing that I had another 2 days off later in the week to complete our adoption preparation course.

4 years ago, I was not sleeping because the very next day we were meeting Boyo… it had, had a big run up prior to half term, lots of gifts and hugs and good wishes. Matching panel the Monday of half term holiday. And introductions starting on the day that everyone else was going back to work. A meeting at the agency to plan introductions, followed by an afternoon with Boyo, then aged 23 months.

2 years ago we, were impatiently waiting to start adoption number 2… followed 6 months later by the arrival of Jelly.

8 years ago, I thought my heart was broken and would never be whole. In some respects there is still a place in my heart for those lost babies, but my heart has grown beyond measure. Because no matter how hard day to day can be – I would not be without those two precious boys upstairs, they fill our lives with joy, love, laughter and happiness.

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