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Now you are 6!

Happy Birthday Jelly. It is hard to imagine that this is actually the fifth birthday we have celebrated with you. You have been with us forever, and longer. And whilst you are still short in stature you absolutely make up … Continue reading

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A (never to be sent) letter to a birthmum

Dear X At this time of year, my thoughts often turn to you. Between mother’s day, his birthday and the anniversary of him moving, we have a lot of memories during March. I often wonder how you are doing, I … Continue reading

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The memory of feelings…

I am supposed to be planning lessons… but I have many thoughts circling, many of which make my eyes leak and I need to get some of them down. We are firmly in March now; which tends to be one … Continue reading

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Twice this week I have heard information that I really didn’t want to, not that was a surprise in either case. I saw a new pediatrician with Jelly this week. She agreed that there is indeed, probably something wrong. She … Continue reading

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A start…

Usually sometime late in December, I sit down and write a post reflecting on the year gone. This year, my blog has been neglected and it hasn’t happened. So instead of looking back, this year I am looking forward. We … Continue reading

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Christmas Conversations

Christmas is coming. We can all feel it in our bones. One of us is very excited. One of us is full of worry, full of anxiety. Two of us are exhausted and know it is going to be a … Continue reading

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trauma part 1

Trauma is real. Trauma exists. Trauma has long lasting effects. These are facts. The removal of a child from a life filled with abuse, doesn’t negate the effects of that abuse. The removal of child, to a safe place, doesn’t … Continue reading

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