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A (never to be sent) letter to a birthmum

Dear X At this time of year, my thoughts often turn to you. Between mother’s day, his birthday and the anniversary of him moving, we have a lot of memories during March. I often wonder how you are doing, I … Continue reading

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The memory of feelings…

I am supposed to be planning lessons… but I have many thoughts circling, many of which make my eyes leak and I need to get some of them down. We are firmly in March now; which tends to be one … Continue reading

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My amazing, resilient, courageous boys…

I want to write, no, I need to write… but this might not be the easiest to read. I need to explain, I need people to understand my boys. And I hate the fact that yet again, I am here, … Continue reading

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Everybody hurts…

I cannot tell you how many times we have been told how lucky the boys are that we adopted them. And it simply isn’t true, although I understand the sentiment behind the view. We are lucky to that we have … Continue reading

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Fixed by adoption?

A common held belief is that once a child is adopted into a nice family, all the issues that they had will vanish. There is a whole battalion of adoptive parents who would like everyone to know that is it … Continue reading

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A meeting…

Today we met Jelly’s birthmum, and I like her… I don’t have any notes of the meeting, it felt awful trying to write as she was speaking, but thankfully our lovely SW took lots of notes… just have to wait … Continue reading

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And more…

And just when you think you can’t cope with anything else, something comes along and proves that you can. Boyo and I visited the paediatrician earlier this week. A diagnosis for some of his problems was suggested. I brushed it … Continue reading

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