This morning starting off on one foot and then rapidly changed to another…

Boyo got himself dressed this morning, it’s the first time this academic year that I haven’t had to cagoule, persuade or just plain get him dressed. I slightly foolishly (I should know better) told him I was pleased and well done. My excuse is, I’m not very well and my thought processes are impaired by the difficultly in breathing.

From then on, it has been boundary pushing, yelling, screaming and hitting. He started small, we didn’t react. He escalated, we didn’t react. He continued, I was calm,  Himself started to sweat. He hurt his brother, we reacted. We go through this pattern every time, and I cannot get Jelly up understand (& remember) that sometimes he needs to be away from his brother.

I asked him to go upstairs to clean his teeth, he screamed and yelled.

I removed all the contraband he wanted to take to school, he screamed and hit.

I reminded him he only had 10mins before he needed to be in the car and he maybe should eat his toast, he yelled and screamed. I didn’t even bother about a drink.

I asked him to put his shoes on, he barged past his brother and pushed him hard enough to fall off his stool. I shouted. He shouted back.

At some point he moved my keys. Thankfully there were limited places he could hide them, so I found them. But it gets us back to needing a key safe.

And he will go to school, and put his smile in place and pretend that nothing has happened, whilst I get to stew all day about how I could have handled it better.



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