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Now you are 6!

Happy Birthday Jelly. It is hard to imagine that this is actually the fifth birthday we have celebrated with you. You have been with us forever, and longer. And whilst you are still short in stature you absolutely make up … Continue reading

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No surprise…

This weekend the rage erupted. It spewed it’s hurt all over the family. It has been coming since the start of September and I have already made moves to start coping with it. The worst possible thing for me, is … Continue reading

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Playdate for Jelly

As always when things get tougher than usual, I forget to blog. The tougher than normal in this case was due partially to work and partially with the boys. But we made it to the school holidays and we have … Continue reading

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School issues – again

This year has mostly been about Boyo and the big achievements he is making and the paperwork we are making. FASD diagnosis. EHCP. Sensory work. We haven’t forgotten Jelly; but around Christmas, I threw my hands up in disgust at … Continue reading

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more meetings

I really wish I could properly reflect on the last few months, but it simply isn’t possible. All I can say is ‘too much’. We had a meeting at Cahms this morning. Not as promised by our social worker a … Continue reading

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My amazing, resilient, courageous boys…

I want to write, no, I need to write… but this might not be the easiest to read. I need to explain, I need people to understand my boys. And I hate the fact that yet again, I am here, … Continue reading

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Not the post I planned…

In my head I was going to write about boyo’s birthday party, 4 years of him being with us and how he is very nearly 6. Instead I will tell you about my comfortable chair. Shortly after we moved into … Continue reading

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