This is the story of our lives. Our being Us, myself and him married for coming up 15 years, best friends, in love, happy together. The boys, boyo nearly 5, and Jelly, not yet 2. Boyo came to us 3 years ago, the end of our peaceful lives but the end we had been working towards and striving for, for many a year prior to his arrival. Jelly, our littley arrived in Aug with a bang, but is finding his way in our family, as we are finding our way.

And the dog…a small cairn terrier cross, who is boyo’s best friend and Jelly’s sworn enemy (they are getting on better with each other now). She arrived in our lives 6 years ago, at a point when we needed something to love and care for, and none of us would be without her. We also have a cat, who is getting old and cannot stand the boys. We’ve had and will have again other pets, hamsters, and fish mostly.

We all live in a village small town on the outskirts of a northern industrial city. It is our home, we love loving here, it has much to recommend it, including our amazing friends and support network.

This is our story, living with two small boys, who happen to be adopted. This is not my first blog, but I have reasons for moving.

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  1. Loren nowak says:

    Apparently we live in different but parallel universes…check out our blog. We have two boys, live in a town, one boy loves the dog, one boy can’t stand him, and we have an older cat who dislikes lijs, and we are foster parents!

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