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2015 in brief (or not)

I’d love at this point of the year to write something profound…but I find myself too tired, too stressed, too everything to manage that. My facebook status tonight reads… Wishing you all a Happy New Year. 2015 started with the … Continue reading

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It is that time again…nativity plays at school, at church, even this year at Beavers. It’s that time of year that I dread because at some point, someone unknowing will say something that upsets me. There will be complaints at … Continue reading

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My amazing, resilient, courageous boys…

I want to write, no, I need to write… but this might not be the easiest to read. I need to explain, I need people to understand my boys. And I hate the fact that yet again, I am here, … Continue reading

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Good thoughts…

One morning last week, I got to spend some time with some lovely people. We meet for cake and coffee. And I think we all left feeling better than we had when we arrived. So who were these people that … Continue reading

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