Sometime last year I lost my blogging mojo… I can’t even put my finger on when. However, I know that sometimes I just need a break from my blog. I’d like to say that I am back, however, time will tell.

Last academic year turned into a major disaster for Boyo. I will just leave it as teachers make such a difference. However, following an awful reception year, last year Jelly had a teacher who made every attempt to get him, plus he was given full time one to one.

The summer was survived. It wasn’t the worst ever, nor was it the best. We did very little unless it involved a walk, or a play in a park or wood. We had a visit to some very special friends, where I gained the ‘hat of rightness’ which has been out on several occasions since. The boys also got ‘their’ first special song, upto now, they have been our songs, this one is theirs.

September arrived, as it usually does. Both boys have settled into school with some hiccups and new TA’s. Their teacher’s seem to be understanding their uniqueness. They have an amazing TA that they share; one who isn’t afraid to deal with the hard stuff and talks about feelings with Boyo. We have had a few meltdowns and some rages, but on the whole it has been okay.

We now start the battle to get an EHCP for Jelly and to get Boyo’s EHCP reviewed properly with what we want on it. Each year the SENCO learns more about our boys and attempts to support them better. I get phone calls when things go wrong (even when it is such witness to another child struggling). We have a communication book that is used, plus the TA’s seek me out to talk to me at school pick up time.

So that is us mostly up to date. Plainly there is a lot of ‘noise’ that I haven’t talked about…. included today’s afterschool shoe dodging, but we are still here and still dealing with trauma, attachment, FASD, unspecified genetic disorders and global developmental delay.

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