A start…

Usually sometime late in December, I sit down and write a post reflecting on the year gone. This year, my blog has been neglected and it hasn’t happened.

So instead of looking back, this year I am looking forward. We move forward with hope, but meaningful hope. We have continuing support in place; not from our local post adoption support team that would be ridiculous to expect; but never the less support. Boyo has two amazing therapists, who get him and are helping him build trust in us; when I said we needed to do something about reapplying for funding, they went ahead, contacting our SW and we have a meeting planned to review.

For Jelly; we appear (I hold my breathe) to be getting some real support from CAHMS and in a medical direction as well. Not only that, the CAHMS people seem to want to help our family and have included Boyo in their assessment to see if they can offer us anything to help him… previously he was assessed and written off as someone they couldn’t help. Medically Jelly is now formally developmentally delayed; but we have an appointment to see a new pediatrician who is looking at ways to help.

We have lost a lot of friends over the years, but have made new ones. We are surrounded by people who understand and want to help. On Christmas Eve we went to a friend’s party and both hubby and I sat back and relaxed in the knowledge that our friends and the other people who were there were a) able to cope (in the main) and b) weren’t going to judge if the boys didn’t.

I meet up every few weeks with my amazing adopter friends. We celebrate our successes and commiserative our failures. But in a way that only other adopters and parents of children with additional needs could understand. Other adopters find us and join us.

2018 starts as 2017 finished. With issues for both boys. But I maintain hope that things will change and our lives will change. We will enjoy the good and reflect on the difficult, and we know that it probably won’t be smooth sailing as we move forward, but we are prepared.

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