A little bit of magic…

This week we had a little bit of magic. A chance to relax. A chance to speak to other families living in similar circumstances. A chance to be.

We were lucky enough to spend this week at La Rosa Campsite, hosted by The Open Nest. The boys had 3 lovely days playing in an environment that they know with people they enjoy being around. And we got to spend 3 days being ‘us’ and not having to constantly worry about what the boys were doing/or going to do next.








The boys enjoyed having more people to play with. They enjoyed the chance to be outside for the day. Even on the wet day (by which I mean it rained, all day unceasingly); they obviously still had lots of fun outside (there was lots of sliding on the mud in the evening, not all accidently). Jelly loves the trains that it is possible to see and whenever we go will speed across the yard to see them whenever he hears them. Boyo got to do things that he enjoyed as well.

For us; hubby and me; it is a special time as well. It is rare we are together for an extended time without the boys, unless it is a for a specific reason. We had 3 days in which to relax and chat and spend time with each other and other people.

Most of us arrived on the first evening and started conversations. For us, there were people we had met before so it was a chance to renew friendships as well as meet new people. We caught up with what had gone on for other people over the year and also heard new stories. We had the chance to sit and relax with sandwiches and cakes in the magic of the big top. Hubby and I spent a long time catching up with someone after most other people had gone that first afternoon.

The second day we relaxed some more. We decided to spend some time away from camp and meandered into Whitby – by ourselves. We could go into whatever shop took our fancy and spend time looking at things, not asking the boys not to touch or leaving before something was broken. We had a lovely lunch, relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. There was plenty of time on camp to chat to other parents. On the last day, we chatted some more; some of us went to the pub. We relaxed, we shared more stories.

The magic comes because it is possible to relax. We understand each other and the behaviour that our children show. In an evening, it was safe to let Boyo wander all over site. He took one of our walkie talkies so that I could check in with him and he could check in with me. But he enjoyed the freedom that he doesn’t normally get. Even on the last evening we were there, he managed to spend time playing with other children, long past the time he would normally be social.

And for us. The chance to relax is an immeasurable treat. There is nothing to do. No phone signal. No wifi. No contact with the outside world. Only relax, chat, read and sleep. And that is what we did. And after the children went to bed, we were able to enjoy more social time, sitting round a fire, talking and enjoying company.
IMG_20170810_220007809We always breathe deeply as we approach the drive down. We start to relax as we make that turning. But it is special to share that time with other people who get it and have different experiences and different ideas to take and try.

I’ve already said thank you many times. But it truly is an amazing experience and we come away sad, but revived and able to think forward again. So I’m going to say it again. Thank you to the wonderful people who give us chance to breathe and the chance to have a holiday as a family that we all love and enjoy.

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