Playdate for Jelly

As always when things get tougher than usual, I forget to blog. The tougher than normal in this case was due partially to work and partially with the boys. But we made it to the school holidays and we have coped so far and have much glorious-ness to look forward to next week.

But I wanted today to talk about my littlest. Boyo gets so much, as a family we meet his needs because if his needs aren’t met we are all made very aware. Jelly gets lots of lovely things and does many lovely things, but they are still all based around Boyo.

Last Monday (first day of the school holidays) we went out for the day, because I knew we had to go out; but we went somewhere that meant Jelly could see pigs and goats and donkeys and lots and lots of birds alongside the guinea pigs and rabbits. He had a lovely time and really enjoyed himself but actually he needed a day at home just to play.

This week Boyo has a sporting activity every day. So we have planned our week around it. But on Monday, Jelly suddenly said ‘I want girl’ to come and play. Girl is the daughter of a good friend of mine, and is in his class at school. The request came unprompted and out of the blue. I promised him I would arrange it & when we saw Girl’s mum on Tues he reminded me I’d said this. So we arranged and today Girl came round to play once Boyo was at sporting activity.

Jelly and Girl had a lovely time. They played together, they listened to each other and played. They did something that Jelly wanted to do, then something that Girl wanted to do. I had baked some buns last night, so we decorated those. We did make and do. We played with play dough. And we built marble run after marble run, sighing and laughing when it feel over.

He was over joyed to have her come round and play. I had no concerns; I told her mum that I’d return her at some point before collecting Boyo. It was a free and easy arrangement, because I didn’t know how well Jelly would cope. He coped really well; and was happy to do what she wanted as well as want he wanted.

It was the first time Jelly has had a friend round without their parent’s as well. And it was a success!

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