Now you are 5…

Happy 5th birthday little man… well happy birthday for tomorrow anyway!

You are definitely a morning person – far more than anyone else in this house. You wake up (we now consider 6 am as a good start to the day) full of joy and ready to greet the day. You smile, you enjoy life, although are prone to have toddler like tantrums (especially when tired). You tire yourself out and struggle to stay awake beyond 7 p.m.

You are happiest when we are together as a family. You miss your big brother when he isn’t here; even though when he is elsewhere you manage to play and do what you want. You love your farm; and will play for hours with it. You still like to play with the trains. Even better if you can mix the two things together. You use your imagination in your play.

You enjoy being outside, but not in such a frantic manner as your big brother. You enjoy sitting and playing with water, or digging in the mud kitchen. You are happy to run around, but don’t care to play football, cricket, tennis or rounders and are more than likely to run off with a ball than join in. You love being allowed to paint (with water) the side of the garage and we regularly have chalk roads on the drive.

You can walk several miles now, especially when you are wearing supportive boots. You have started to understand how to play with the dog and when we recently got gerbils you were able to understand how to care for them.

You enjoy music, in the same way I do. You dance your way through life with singing thrown in. This morning we were greeted with a rendition of ‘Don’t stop me now’ sung word perfectly for about 30 seconds. You enjoy all music in it’s many and varied forms and I imagine a future filled with many concerts. Your favourite song this year is ‘We are Young’ which if you understood the words you would realise is utterly inappropriate for 5 years old to listen to, but as you love the chorus and the beat, we don’t worry too much.

You ask to watch Bob the builder and Fireman Sam more than anything else. Although you like most children’s TV. We limit how much screen time you have, as you would spend far more time than you should watching if you could.

I’m going to gloss over your first 2 1/2 terms at school and I can’t imagine that the lack of routine that is going to be the last half term is going to improve the situation. It has been a steep learning curve for everyone; me, your teachers (and other members of staff), and you. Much has gone wrong, although I am informed that the staff actually like you, no matter how much they simply don’t get you. You do love the school guinea pigs and frequently say you want some of your own (tough, Daddy is allergic and we have  terrier dog). You love seeing your big brother at school and always tell me when you see your cousin as well.

This year we have seen some real leaps in your development. From starting school with limited language we recently had an assessment showing that you had developed to 3 or 4 word phrases, when at ease. Academically you are far behind your peers, but it is okay because you are making progress.

Yesterday you had a party with 6 of your friends from school and one of our adoptive friends. You had an amazing time playing with them and it was lovely to see you with your friends. I enjoyed seeing you play with the girl you call your best friend and how she interacts with you, and the gentle guidance she gave to someone else when talking to you. It was good to see you engage with the different activities that were there and see how much you liked them.

You bring us joy and laughter, alongside the tantrums and tears. Life isn’t easy; but you see the best in it and run full on into the next adventure.

Happy birthday ‘pie. We love you more than you can imagine.


‘Tonight, we are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun’

We are Young – Fun. 

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