The start of something…

Last summer I spent a lot of time talking to adoptive mums in our weekly school holiday park meet ups. This shouldn’t shock anyone who actually knows me; but several new ideas were dreamt up. For 5 years now we have met in school holidays in local parks, with a few extra bigger events thrown in; but there was discussion about how else we could spend time together.

A variety of ideas were discussed some of which will come to nothing, whilst others are regularly discussed at our coffee chats. Some other people have taken on, whilst there were two that I agreed to attempt to sort. One is still in the planning stage but the other one came about last Saturday.

A very small group of 4 families (the first weekend of a school holiday didn’t help us here) met up at a local outdoor spot and went for a walk. These are families I have known since shortly after Boyo was placed; and obviously the children have known each other this long. It felt like an amazingly familiar group of people. Between us we had 8 children (although the eldest is now 15), 3 dads and 3 mums (& 4 dogs). It actually was a good size group because as we walked we could talk.

Most of the children were bunched into a pack together, although sometimes some lagged behind and some ran in front. But the adults got to chat, about adoption, about family things, about life. It was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours and we ended at a playground, so the children could play some more.

I am already planning a couple more walks in different locations, with different walks to do. The spot that we were in this last weekend has a variety of walks around it. There are also many other lovely spots to walk.

#glowmo Boyo managed to let other’s throw our dog’s ball. And the friendships that exist and continue to flourish bring joy to my heart.

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