Day 3 of the school holidays…

It’s utterly possible it’s nearly a month since I last posted, having promised myself I would do better. However, this last weekend himself and I decided that next year we just brace from start of Dec until the end of March. If we know it’s going to be tough (to be fair we knew) and plan for tough, it’s possible that it’ll be manageable.

Passing his birthday and mothers day, with a significant improvement in the weather has seen a vast improvement in the bad things, meltdowns, rages and hurting.

Of course, at the weekend when speaking to a couple of adoptive mums (this is another post) I foolishly said that at the minute Jelly was causing me more bother than Boyo. Today was the first solo day (of many) of the Easter holidays… I’m not sure I need to say more than…


I had to stop the car on the way back from the garden centre.

One of the boys and me walked home from my mum’s house, whilst the other one stayed and played with Granny as the car was no longer a safe option.



So now I am re-evaluating my plans for the rest of the week – because I am too tired to drive with things being thrown and hurting going on. Hopefully our mornings will be okay as he is going to tennis (10mins in the car each way), but I had hoped we could go and see a friend one afternoon. It’s okay walking from my mum’s, she only lives a mile away. My friend lives on the other side of the city.

I know it is partly a change in routine. I know it’s partly because I have changed my tack with him and he is really spoiling for fight. I know it’s because he absolutely knows which button to press (hurting his brother). I know it’s partly because it’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow.

Knowing this doesn’t always help; I still get hurt, Jelly still gets hurt. I can cope better with me getting hurt – hence the walking home. I struggle with Jelly getting hurt.



#glowmo watching Jelly play in the backgarden un-interrupted, just pottering in a busy manner.

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1 Response to Day 3 of the school holidays…

  1. onroadtoadopt says:

    Hope things improve for you all. At least Granny is there as a backup – wish we could do more but difficult with Sqk.

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