6 years…

6 years ago we were coming to the end of introductions; I was just reflecting on that time. Life is not what we though it would be; but in some respects it is better. We would not be without the boys however, there are days when I wish it was easier.

I was trying to explain this morning how challenging Boyo finds this time of year. There are a lot of big emotions surrounding this time; but most people cannot appreciate that.

Just before he moved in with us, at the end of introductions (6 years ago today infact), Boyo’s foster parents threw him a big leaving/birthday party. This left him with an immense fear of parties. We spent years coaxing him in to them as he’d get to the entrance and stop.

What’s more it means that his moving in date is ingrained with his birthday.

We have had a weekend full of noise, lots of screaming and shouting and general talking. We have seen attempts to hurt everyone else in the house; and as usual I have taken the brunt of it, because it’s better he hurts me (or hubby) than Jelly. There have been meltdowns over the slightest thing. There has been sitting in doorways (me) whilst he rages. Constant refusals, the trying to fight has been relentless.

This week will be tough; we know that. But this will come to an end. Just as today when I was walking in the sunshine I could think spring is coming; I know that our families spring will come. That sometime towards the end of this month Boyo will find his way to feeling more regulated. It helps that spring is coming, we can be out after school as it’s no longer dark; he can burn off some of that energy that he carries with him. Spring will come, but first we have to finish this most challenging of times.


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