Improving sensory processing…

We’ve been working on developing Boyo’s sensory systems for 6 weeks now. The changes are dramatic and amazing. I wish I could show the videos of the start and the progress we’ve made, but you’ll understand why I can’t.

We are aiming for 8 sessions of 3 mins each, every day. Quite honestly, we don’t achieve it, ever. But the intention is there and because the intention is there we are trying hard. He can already do things that 6 weeks ago I wouldn’t have believed possible. It’s not easy, some days we do minimal work, but on the days when things are good, we do a lot. And some parts of it have become part of our daily lives… drinking yoghurt through a straw, playing noughts and crosses with sweets & straws, island hopping and feely bags are things that he loves to do and will do everyday without argument.

Building up to using a gym ball and holding his body horizontal on it was challenging. We couldn’t start with the gym ball immediately, because it would have been a distraction. But we got there, faster than we thought we would. Commando crawling is hard for him still, but we are building up. Tomorrow we plan to start a new set of activities balancing on ropes.

School have also helped. His morning TA makes him read to her laying on the floor on his front. His afternoon TA does a circus of different exercises (gym ball, commando crawling, pe spots) several times a week.

And because he is more aware of where his body is, because he is happier in walking without needing to know where his feet are, because he is less saggy in the middle. Other things are improving too; he is moving around the house in calmer manner (at least some of the time). He is able to walk downstairs without help from the banister. He is swimming straight, no longer in a banana shape going all over the pool.

I showed our SW the videos earlier in the week. He was amazed. Admittedly he did re-write history about why we are following this plan…funnily enough not his idea, although he seems to want to take the glory for it. The whole thing of him telling me it wasn’t possible to see this therapist; and me finding out it was possible and where she was working from seems to have been forgotten. Mind you, it doesn’t matter; the result of the work is a calmer and more grounded Boyo so I don’t actually care.

There is still more to do. We are both aware that this is long term process; but honestly the benefits are worth it. I cannot wait until we get his bike out. I am hoping that he will be able to cycle and look where he is going, not looking at his feet with me following behind going, ‘look out, there is a car/person/street lamp there’

An underdeveloped sensory system, not sensory processing issues. Words that changed Boyo’s world.

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  1. onroadtoadopt says:

    So pleased to hear this as you can imagine. We start the process in a little over a month with the same therapist. Once again you are leading the way and we are following with more ease thanks to your fights. I haven’t really said it but it has made a real difference to us & Sqk having you with Boyo going before us.

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