more meetings

I really wish I could properly reflect on the last few months, but it simply isn’t possible. All I can say is ‘too much’.

We had a meeting at Cahms this morning. Not as promised by our social worker a discussion about starting play therapy (I knew this before we went), but a one off consultation about ways forward and what they might be able to do to help. We very much laid it on the line; we think he needs some Play Therapy. We talked about his issues, the problems we are seeing; the concerns about school.

We talked about primary trauma and secondary trauma. We talked about ‘naughty’. We discussed what we do and how we do it. We talked about some new ideas. We had an agreement that play therapy is probably what is needed; although their recommendation is not to wait for them but to apply for ASF money. They also are making a recommendation that he is referred and they can do some work at school to help school understand him better.

We feel that it was time well spent, which we weren’t expecting on our way this morning.

This afternoon was a meeting with the SENCO at the boy’s school – with discussion firmly on Jelly (with a slight detour to a couple of Boyo issues). We talked about possibilities, we talked about ideas we both needed to sound out. We haven’t got a clear idea of ‘next’ except that we do have another meeting with Jelly’s class teacher arranged. And we do have a plan of moving forward.

There is a debate raging about whether Jelly should move into y1 with his peers or whether he should repeat reception. There are benefits and problems all sides up. There isn’t a clear, he would be better here because… and the problem is made worst, because the Ed Pysch we have worked with for 4 years, who is clued up on Attachment issues due to older adopted children in the area; has now left. And nobody knows who or when he will be replaced.

Another day; more meetings, more emails. But a much better day than I expected when it started.


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