Looking forward

I was going to write a post about the year just lived; but somehow this evening I feel I need to write about the year to come.

I am ever hopeful that this week we will receive the help we need as a family. Admittedly I have had this hope for the past two years, however in the next two weeks both boys have individual appointments to see people who might help them/us. I have to say I have much more hope in Boyo and the proposed assessment and help for him – it is what we, the paed and another therapist think he needs, not what our SW wanted to provide. I have gone out and found someone that I am hoping will provide the immediate assessment that is needed and our SW has hammered out details of a proposal which feels right. And we have dates for it starting.

I am less hopeful about the help proposed for Jelly, but feel that CAHMS is probably a stepping stone to other support in future. We will see.

As a family 2016 we found ourselves recognising a new normal. It doesn’t often feel easy, but as long as we recognise that it is our normal we are okay. Moving into 2017, that normal continues. We know what works (some of the time), we are very clear on what doesn’t work (mostly). We have given up worrying about what other people think; but are relentless in making sure that people don’t say things to the boys that will hurt/damage them or our relationships.

We are lucky enough to have supportive friends both in real life and online. Not everyone understands; so this year I hope to grow the friendships that help and prune some of the others. I know who I can trust with the details, and who just needs the broad brushstrokes.

I will say No more often when asked to do things. I will say Yes more often when it involves selfcare.

We will have new issues, new problems and new joys and happiness. No-one can tell what this year will bring; but for us it will hopefully bring increased moments of happiness. I am also hoping for more sleep.



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