A new normal…

We have just been blessed with a weekend away; we went to one of our happy places. A place where we can just be; no judgments, no worries. And we had a lovely weekend…not without issues because we wouldn’t be us if there was no issues… but nothing to worry about.

On the way, after school on Friday, I made a passing comment to himself that we were finally finding our new normal. That this is okay; we are all managing okay. Nothing about our life would appear normal to anyone else, but that’s okay, they aren’t living our lives.

We had a good(ish) week last week.

Boyo announced on Thurs evening he was excited to be going away; Boyo telling us how he is feeling is pretty enormous.  He may well have wobbled on Friday morning, but that’s okay, we can cope with that.

Jelly didn’t hurt anyone at school last week (that I’ve been told about). Although he has spent a lot of time this weekend chasing a chicken that didn’t appear to have the sense to just get out of his way!

Himself and I went on a very useful course on Wed; which confirmed we were doing a lot of things right. It put a lot of theory around some of the things we do, do & also about some of the issues that we have.

I was called into school; but found that the SENCO was very supportive of Jelly and understood my concerns about the reception teacher trying to get him to be too independent. We came up with a plan for the issue that needed addressing and there are meeting minutes that addressed my other concerns.

And then we went away and had a lovely time & everyone came home today (with a few wobbles) and went to bed tired but happy.

A new normal…tired but happy…and coping; well for the minute, we are coping.

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