Back to it…

It’s the Sunday evening before the new school year. Part of me has been hanging on for this day for about the last 5 weeks… the other part wants for the school free days to last forever.

Today has been a hard day; and that is saying something in a holiday of hard days. Boyo went for walk in his socks; he kicked his wellies off (he did put them on eventually). I have several bite marks (both boys). Jelly has refused to eat. Toys have been thrown. There has been a lot of noise – random noise. No-one has managed to play/or do anything for any amount of time.

Tomorrow I have to go to work. I’m not looking forward to it as a change in management means I have a less than supportive boss. The boys go to school; a new area for Boyo with new arrangements (and no afternoon play). Jelly is going to do two half days, then start full time on Wed. I give it until Thurs before we hit a major problem, but I do have a back up plan in my head.

Tonight will undoubtedly be relative sleep free; because who wants to sleep when they are full of anxiety. The only person not worried about tomorrow is himself – as he has a week’s parental leave starting tomorrow! Mind you – he has to get the boys to school and collect them again.

So here we go… we will see what happens.

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