A difficult week…

I meant to write last week about the pleasant week we’d had, but never quite got round to it. This week has been the opposite, which we predicted, but it was as though a switch was pressed on Friday afternoon and this week has been hard.

There came a point this week when I thought this is it, our life with two children with additional needs. Jelly had a speech and language assessment on Tues, where the therapist commented on his low concentration span… I’d not noticed because it is considerably more than Boyo’s was at the same age! I lie, I’d noticed, but his lack of ability to speak appropriately and his frustrated behaviour because of it, is a bigger concern to me.

Boyo has struggling not to argue this week. At times we went down the line of ‘accept or argue’ mostly when we were out, with the knowledge that ‘argue’ meant going home. We have ignored the nonsense. We have asked him to think, to use his thinking head. We have asked him to listen. Not much has worked, and he has had meltdown after meltdown as he has struggled with the lack of arguments, or when needed the instance that he does need to do what we have asked.

We are full on in anxiety city and therefore Boyo is struggling. Because Boyo is struggling, Jelly is struggling. I have been bitten by both of them today (several times) I have been hit and spat at. I have had them sat on opposite sofas in the front room and refused to let them move. They had they iPads and headphones. I sat on the floor between them.

We are two weeks down into a long 6 week holiday. Last week was planned, this week less so, because Boyo has been doing a Tennis Camp each morning. Thankfully the coaches are familiar with him and know that he wobbles. He has chewed the handle on his racket this week to the point it’s had to have a new grip on it. He has also chewed tennis balls!

Next week will be different again. At some point, I have things I must do, my ironing pile is now in two bags. Our paperwork is now into the third box. I have lessons to plan (yippee!) for the new GCSE (double yippee!). But right now the boys need me to be available to them, when they need me, so after full days, I sit in the evenings and think…another day got through.

There came a point this week when I thought this is it, our life with two children with additional needs. But we have got through worse. Better will come. And in the meanwhile…there is always gin!

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