Onwards and upwards…towards the holiday!


Apparently, I am a poo poo head and I am also stupid. I have been a poo poo head most of the week… with occasional (at least once a day) stupid. I am not looking forward to him learning more interesting words! It will be no surprise to most adopters (& my friends) that this is the result of several days of ‘different’ at school.

However, transition day at school went okay for both boys. Boyo’s teacher (newly qualified) has obviously be told about him and sent home two booklets the Friday prior to transition day…one was photo’s of the new area (Y3&Y4) and one was a booklet all about her.

We arrived in the new (KS2) playground after dropping Jelly off and immediately Boyo grabbed my hand and refused to let go – I couldn’t blame him, the noise of 240 children was immense. When the bell went, we eventually, along with everyone else figured out where to line up and again, he was clinging on. She saw and she asked for him to go to the front of the line! She is making the right moves in my books and I hope it continues. We have a meeting just before the end of term with her, SENCO and present teacher. Things weren’t great afterwards, but no worse than we expected.

Jelly’s also had a transition morning and managed okay. The nursery staff have already been taking him into reception, so the space is familiar. He didn’t hit anyone. He didn’t bite anyone and he didn’t throw any toys (or at least that anyone saw). His teacher has been here to meet him in his own space – he didn’t talk to her to start with, but eventually warmed up a bit. I have to trust things will be okay, but I have warned her I have huge issues with reception as Boyo had such a horrid time and I will do my best not to pass those issues onto Jelly, but I will be in touch at the slightest issue.

So transition day went okay – sports day less so. Jelly did a runner across the school field. In a separate incident he fell over and split his lip. There were photos on FB. There were snotty comments about not been allowed to put photos on FB – and neither of them competed in actual sports day, just the activities in the morning.

I was also caught by the SENCO last week; and I have a bonus meeting with her next week to read through the EHCP paperwork. And to discuss a plan for Jelly. I am officially the Mum with two children with additional needs.

Two weeks left to plan the summer – part of me can’t wait, but part of me is worried that one of my plans (for one day a week) has fallen through.

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  1. onroadtoadopt says:

    I did wander about Sports Day after the text we got. Sqk was of course off school thanks to what we suspect is anxiety/stress related diarrhoea as he is absolutely fine in himself – the usual full of it cheeky nearly 5 year old. We also have a transition meeting this week – and T is coming along as he happens to be off work so going to double team them

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