Happy birthday Jelly

Small dude (aka Jelly) turned 4 today and despite a rocky start and a difficult end it hasn’t been a bad day. We made the decision at breakfast time to abandon our previous plans as Boyo was not coping and went out to a farm for most of the day. They both enjoyed it’s; feeding calves and lambs, fussing over Guinea pigs & rabbits, a tractor ride. All things to warm a small boy’s (or even two) heart.

Dear Jelly

Now you are 4. 

I adore the fact that each morning you shout hello to everyone from your bedroom, we are all named and once you are through us you shout to your best friend (she can’t hear you, but you try). You greet each day with joy and excitement. I love the way that whatever I say we are doing today, you will usually shout ‘Yay’ with happiness. You are also known for jumping up and down with excitement. 

You go to school nursery happily, and day nursery equally happily. You like it best when I take you to school and pick you up, but you always say ‘Yay’ when I tell you L is picking you up. Although you aren’t the best behaved child and you are stubborn as anything your teachers and carers seem to have a soft spot for you.  When you started school you only wanted to play with A and T, now you tell me all the different children you play with, although they are still your best friends. 

You get frustrated when other children don’t understand you. You are stubborn beyond belief, and I know stubborn. You get cross and shout and scream. You have bitten at school, but this is getting less as is the pushing and shoving. When you don’t like what you are been told, you will wander off into a corner and tell me you are ‘sulking’. You dislike ‘no’ with all the passion of a 4 year old. 

Your favourite question is always ‘where’s Boyo?’ Usually followed with ‘at school?’. You love having books read to you, and playing with cars and trains. You often build ramps in your bedroom for your cars. You like watching Paw Patrol, Peter Rabbit and Mr Tumble. You enjoy being outside, but mostly so you can play with Boyo. You love the trampoline and swings. You aren’t that keen on swimming, but we will keep on going. 

I haven’t fed you anything that you have refused to eat, although give a choice you’d eat meat above all things. You,refuse to,drink water (we will have to work on this) but like milk  and squash. Fruit juice and too much fruit doesn’t agree with your insides. 

You can get yourself dressed, although often it is easier for me to get you dressed with time pressures. You, too often decide you need move that car, or get that teddy. 

You have a zest for life. Each day has something new to discover. You have recently improved your language and speaking skills with a dramatic jump forward. You now talk in proper sentences, although sometimes with a pause in the middle. We often ask you to slow down as your mind is whirling, faster than your mouth can cope with.

Gorgeous boy, we love you. We talk about you birth mum & dad and your birth siblings. It breaks my heart that you don’t get to see them, but know that we are always open to seeing them, so if the opportunity arises we will. 

Happy, happy birthday and may this year bring more new things to enjoy and try… 

Love Mummy & Daddy

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  1. J says:

    Just lovely!

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