Quick update

I have started to write lots of blog posts in the last month or two. I have deleted them all without publishing. There are many reasons for that; some are not mine to share. 

In brief;

– meetings with professionals who are all pushing their own agenda are exhausting. 

– thankfully boyo has been dis applied from ks1 SATs

– Jelly is making progress, enough that myself and his key worker are happy. He has a place at school for Sept.

– Boyo’s paed is retiring in Sept. I am heartbroken as she knows his birth siblings and him since birth. 

– our PASW is winding me up to the point, I may have to request a new one…but there are no guarantees another one would be better.

– there is a lot of serious illness around me at the moment, not here, but around and close enough to effect my family and my work. 

– I need a cloning machine to do all that I need to. 

– my adopter friends are struggling as much as we are at the minute, it must be something in the air

Now I have that out, I will attempt to resume regular blogging. 

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