Divide and conquer…

This weekend we took the decision to separate the boys. We often do a bit of separate time, but this weekend Jelly & I were home to prepare food, eat and sleep. It had to happen because at the minute boyo cannot cope with Jelly getting any attention that he is not getting. 

Hubby is trying his best to renovate Boyo’s new bedroom; and when jelly and I are not here, Boyo is happy to help (?) his dad with jobs; passing this, taking that…even stripping wallpaper. But as soon as Jelly is about, he has to see what Jelly is doing, and generally interfere. It makes for difficult times, the only time they can play together in a reasonable manner at the moment is early in the morning, before breakfast. 

Hubby had been working on the room a couple of weekends ago. Jelly and I went to Church, Boyo was fine helping, we came home and it all got very physical and upsetting for Jelly. This week, we had decided we had to do something different. I couldn’t do anything exciting with Jelly, as this would make Boyo think he was missing out; so we went to my Mum’s, which sounds more exciting than it actually is…she is away at the moment, and it’s less than a mile to her house. 

Jelly and I did things at my mum’s…we cleaned for her & I did some sewing. But nothing that Boyo felt he was missing out on. We did some playing. And just sitting and being. 

When we got home, Boyo came and hugged me and wanted to show me what he had done. 

It isn’t what we had imagined life would be. We need to work on Boyo’s issues. But it isn’t easy when hubby is doing his best to get the bedroom finished and I can’t help. We have to find ways of coping and at the moment this is it! 

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1 Response to Divide and conquer…

  1. frogotter says:

    It’s so hard when you’re trying to get something done. Times like that you realise quite how much time and attention the kids really need. I know exactly how you feel about not being able to help out with DIY at all, because the kids need your attention all the time!
    Hope the room gets done eventually, and you manage to stay calm.
    I find splitting the children up for an extra bit of one on one attention can help a lot. So, with a bit of luck, it’ll help Boyo feel a bit more secure.

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