Sorry for the brain dump… I will hopefully write something worthwhile soon.

I had a moment last week when I had to choose between looking after a 6 year old who was banging his head against the wall; in a attempt to not go to school and checking up on my 14 year old form member who has been self harming and very recently landed in hospital. (And to be fair, she is one of a few I am worried about at the minute.)

Thankfully I managed to contact work and find someone to fill in for me, whilst I got Boyo to school. I then managed to get to work as form time was finishing, so caught up with the girl I needed to.

And once again I looked at my life and wondered how much longer can I split myself in half. I have been offered the opportunity to give up my form; and I know they would survive. But I did stand at work and ask ‘when did we stop caring?’ because it seems in the latest pressure from the government, we have forgotten to care about the whole person. I have had more teenagers in tears this year than every before; more anger, more hurt, more pressure.

I am glad this coming week is half term. We all need the time to regroup, recover and hope for easier times.

My heart was broken earlier this week; sometimes you know things but it is when you see them written down that you have to process them. We had some information from school for the paediatrician, it does not make good reading. I am (nearly) glad because it is hopefully another step towards helping Boyo; but still.

Jelly continues to be very 3. But has managed some changes at the school nursery very well this past week…he is just a monkey no matter what! He was overjoyed when we went swimming with one of his very best friends this week; and wants to do it again very soon.


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