Dear teacher

Dear Teacher

I wish you would listen, really listen and hear what I am telling you. I wish you had listened to last year’s teacher because she got him, she restored my faith in your school after an awful reception year. I know it’s not been awful, but can you honestly hand on heart, tell me it’s been great? 

Boyo has just destroyed his sixth coat since September, I have had to replace the tshirts that he has chewed the collars on. I know you don’t think he is anxious, I know you don’t see his need to chew. But he is and he does. And if you won’t let him wear his chew, his clothes suffer. 

I know he irritates you by messing with the Velcro on his shoe. But please stop taking it off him. Please find another way to deal with the issue, give him something quiet to fiddle with, or let him leave the carpet after a set time. 

I know you can’t understand why sometimes he can do things, and then can’t. To be honest, I can’t either, but I promise it’s can’t not won’t. I’m sorry you haven’t met someone like him before, that’s the problem with a lovely middle class school. I know you are trying to do your best for all your class, but surely one to one support for Boyo means that if he needs a few minutes out of the class walking outside, as we agreed with the SENCO, surely then his teaching assistant should be able to leave then, not when she has finished working with another child.

I know he is compliant, which in his class is a big thing, but just because he is compliant doesn’t mean he feels safe. I know he doesn’t because of the behaviour we have at home. I know you think, he must be fine at school because when you ask him, he says he is, but please look at him and think does he look happy and safe.

Above all, dear teacher, trust us his parents. We know him better, and when we tell you something, please listen.

Boyo’s Mum

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