Dear student

Dear student,

I know you are heart broken. I know your story. I know her story too. I know right now, that life seems too much. But I promise it will get better. These things that are so immense right now, will become your past. You won’t ever forget, how could you, they are too big, but you will find ways of dealing better with them.

I know you are sad, no wait, more than sad. I know it seems unbearable. That everyone hates you, trust me they don’t. I know you have fallen out with your friends, they are telling stories which aren’t true. 

I know you can’t understand. I know that you want to, but there is no way you can. Please just bide your time, if the friendship is meant to be, it will flourish. 

Above all remember, that there are people out there who care; and if I have to sit on a corridor for the next 18months with you, to help you see that, I will. 

Life isn’t easy for everyone. I know that isn’t fair, I wish it wasn’t so. But it is the truth, just as much as the fact that one day, this will be past and you will live in a happier future. And you will. Life isn’t smooth, but without the rain, we would have no rainbows. 

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