2015 in brief (or not)

I’d love at this point of the year to write something profound…but I find myself too tired, too stressed, too everything to manage that.

My facebook status tonight reads…

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. 2015 started with the celebration (at court) of our little man become a Haworth, involved a lot of happy times with friends and family and included a bit of fighting for support for biggest and the rest of us. We plan that 2016 will see many more happy times with those we hold dear, and hopefully some real progress in the areas where the dark still lingers. We hope your 2016 is full of life, love and laughter.


In brief 2015 has been both easier and harder than previous years. In some respects the boys have amazed us; and done so well at times when we thought they would struggle. In others, things we thought would be okay have created major issues.

I have hopes that when we come to the end of 2016 I will be able to report that the therapy paid for by the ASF has had significant impact. I want to be able to report that childcare has become a non-issue. I want to be able to say that Boyo’s and Jelly’s teachers both understand them.

2015 has seen some progress in all things here. I hope 2016 to bring forth better and happier times. But I know that we won’t wake up tomorrow to better…after the last 8 weeks, I fear it might be a while before better arrives, but I have to cling onto the hope it will improve.

I hope your 2016’s bring more good than bad, more happy than sad and more joy than despair.


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