Good thoughts…

One morning last week, I got to spend some time with some lovely people. We meet for cake and coffee. And I think we all left feeling better than we had when we arrived. So who were these people that achieved the impossible and made me feel better than I have in weeks…fellow adopters of course.

One I’ve known for nearly 6 years as we did our prep course together. Two I have known coming up 5 years as we went to a playgroup for adopters together. One I have known a couple of years, as we did a training course together, and one I have known for a couple of months as another of the group brought her to a get together in Oct. 

These ladies are special (as are others I know) we can discuss anything, and do. We share information we wouldn’t give to others. We can find the humour in the dark times, simply because we understand. One of the, commented on her way out, she hadn’t laughed as much in ages, she thought she had forgotten how. I felt better for the gathering, and I am sure others did as well. 

One of the ladies who usually joins us wasn’t able to last week. But I saw her today shared a hug and moment of understanding amongst the chaos that was surrounding us at the time. 

Things become better when shared, the same is true on Twitter. The friendships made with people I have never meet, but that I celebrate and sympathise with are a lifeline. There are few who understand as well as other adopters. I am grateful for those I have met and those who I haven’t…but know that together we will get through. 

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