Yellow cards…

Today Boyo’s teacher felt the need to tell immediately at the end of school that he had had a yellow card for not listening this afternoon. (Two yellow cards mean no golden time on Friday, I think we need to revisit the lack of understanding of cause & effect)

She then apologised for not telling me that there was a road safety talk this morning. And that he had been in trouble for something else this morning. And that he seemed excited about his treat after school. 

He has been speaking about going to soft play with his friend after school every few minutes for the past 48hours. Anyone who knows my boy, knows this is an sign of anxiety. 

And all this on top of all the ongoing problems at school. 

I have written a response to the comment in his home school book; it’s not the one I wanted to write! 

‘he probably didn’t listen due to an unexpected change in routine, worry about earlier trouble and anxiety and excitement about going to soft play with X. If there is a lot going on in his mind, he cannot, process auditory information fast enough. I find it useful to give very short, sharp instructions (i.e. One or two words).’

I wanted to point out that I had already shared this information with her. She let us down by not prewarning us about the road safety talk. And yes he was in the wrong earlier (but with reason), but he knew that teacher would be talking to me about it and was worrying about it. 

Why does my boys happiest and ability to cope at school depend on what teacher he has? The school has had training on attachment issues. They have recently had training on FASD. Boyo has had both labels suggested for him, and his teacher knows this. Last year’s teacher did so well. My boy has gone from loving going to school, to hating it. I know the transition into y2 is difficult, but this goes beyond it. 

Next stop; a meeting with the SENCO on Friday. But first I need to get the boy to school tomorrow morning!

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