A glimpse of a lifeline

It’s been a difficult few weeks. The return to school has not gone smoothly for boyo, for myself and an interesting start to school nursery for Jelly. Thankfully the nursery teacher knew I wasn’t joking when I said that Jelly may have some settling in issues and has made allowances for him. 

Sadly Boyo’s teacher has found it more difficult to help boyo settle into his new routines, not that I think she is helped by the changes to the yr2 curriculum and the expectations that are required for the end of the year. Boyo has had a rotten start to the year, and at the end of last week it was so bad, that when I got to work on Fri I phoned his school and asked for a meeting with his teacher. 

Monday we went into school, and had a conversation and found some facts out, such as he has been having difficulties during dinner time (and has been since return to school). She also said some upsetting things; which aren’t necessarily true, such as he has no friends. Which is why, one of the others in his class bounced up to us on the following morning and took him off to play…

I was mildly eased by the conversation and the action points that were discussed, but not fully convinced that things were going to improve significantly. I had chance to speak to Boyo’s TA on Thurs, and wasn’t reassured by what I was told, she is also very concerned about how things are progressing. 

On Fri after school, I was standing with two other mums of children with additional needs (different ages) when the Senco walked past. She stopped to chat and offered up a possibility. This year she has sent up a special group for children in KS2 with learning difficulties. We had discussed it in the summer, and both felt he would be better with his class for another year, but it looks like that perhaps we can move him into this group. I need to go into school and talk to her in more detail, but at the minute he is hating school…and this might save us that argument in the morning. 

Last night, he would not settle to sleep. And when he did fall asleep, he had a major night terror that we could not get him out off for nearly an hour.

So having had a couple of very difficult weeks, and feeling like I needed to stating lookimg at other schools, I have been passed a glimmer of a lifeline. 

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  1. So tough when school is hard as it’s such a significant part of their lives – hope this group does provide a lifeline for you all.

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