It’s September…return to school & work

I have been relatively quiet on twitter and on here recently. Part of it is because I haven’t wanted to talk about some of what has been going on, but the other part is because I am tired and every second seems to be taken up with work or dealing with the boys.

I’d love to say that everything has gone smoothly with both my return to work, Boyo’s change in class and Jelly starting school nursery… however, it would be lie.

The best of us is Jelly. His nursery teacher listened when I said, I thought he needed to be one of the first children to start…he was, first day him and 3 others. He got to see the room and meet the adults whilst it was quiet. It took him 1 1/2 weeks to find his feet…and to be fair he isn’t doing too bad (for him). Last Thurs I was taken to one side to be given a list of things that he had done wrong, kicking, hitting & throwing but even the teacher agreed it was the first time she had seen the behaviour and wasn’t overly bothered. Fingers crossed it continues to be relatively smooth. Jelly’s biggest issue is a lack of speech, but that is coming.

I’m next. I went to work thinking I would be teaching a timetable less than 50% of a full timer. However, I have been given extra hours – but the extra hours are manageable, so I have agreed to give it a go. The workload is unmanageable at the minute – but it always feels that way in Sept, and hopefully things will settle and I won’t spend every evening working for the rest of the school year.

And Boyo…predictably has had the hardest time, and has not been helped by his teacher not thinking. The change in teacher is challenging, he is showing us he does not feel safe. The additional of ‘please send in 5 photos showing different ages’ really didn’t help, Boyo and I looked together. He refused to look at any from FC. We found 5 from aged 2 onwards. He then had a meltdown on the day they had to go to school as he had no baby photos. He then had a meltdown after school, because they had looked at the photos.

His teacher said ‘he was fine’ I beg to differ, but at the moment I am collecting evidence. Not rushing, just getting my mind straight on what needs to be said.

And then on Friday… he came home with homework, 2 reading books, 8 words to learn to spell (which he can’t read), a maths sheet & an English sheet. The maths & English sheet were the same as the rest of his class. He is working 18-24 months behind his peers, we did a little bit, he lost the ability to listen and think, so we gave up. They will go back as they are.

We have decided to attempt to learn to read the words… not to spell them.

I am collecting evidence. I will give it another week and see what homework comes home this week. I am not happy, it is not enough to say he is okay, when he is crying about going to school in the morning, and his behaviour is showing us how anxious he is.

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