A walk…

So in case anyone still doesn’t know, Boyo and I decided that we wanted to help The Open Nest. Boyo and I had discussions about what he would like to do to as a family to raise some money, we decided to a walk. When he came to us aged 2, he had barely walked outside, so the fact he enjoys getting out and walking now means a great deal to us. For ease we decided to walk on the Moors near our home, so although it ended up as a 5.8mile walk, none of it was more than 2 miles from home.

IMG_1275 near the beginning of our walk.

IMG_1273Peering over to see the donkeys (who weren’t there much to Boyo’s disappointment.



IMG_1300 The highest point of our walk…looking for our house and then we turned and looked for his friend’s (who was adopted at a similar time to him) house.

IMG_1306 The problem with reaching the top, is that the next bit is down and this path is particularly fast at going down!


IMG_20150913_123324 Having sat on a bench for his lunch, Boyo decided the rock had to be climbed for his drink!

IMG_20150913_121155 Back to our usual stomping ground…we run on this area at least twice a week… or jump in puddles…or scream and shout!

IMG_20150913_131656 Then Jelly and Granny joined us. Jelly has a dodgy ankle and whilst we have been told to exercise it, we were also told not to stress it by doing too much. Granny lives just off the walk route, so she looked after Jelly, and then he joined us for the last 1 1/2 miles. Granny walked with us for about a mile, much to Boyo’s joy.

IMG_20150913_134954 Rocks again… he cannot walk past, he must climb.

IMG_20150913_135045 And whatever his big brother can do, so can Jelly!

We had a lovely walk, on a beautiful day. We enjoyed ourselves and raised some money for a charity we care deeply about, The Open Nest.

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