One of the things we do regularly is meet up with other adoptive families…we meet up with one of the families from our prep group every couple of weeks, we meet up with lots of local families once a month/every week in school holidays, I meet up with the local adoptive mums every month or so and I also meet up with long term adopter friends (from when boyo was placed) every few months. 

Some of these are adult only meets, or mostly adult only. Some are family events. I value both equally for different reasons. 

On Thurs I had 4 adoptive mum’s round and an extra small child. On the whole these are mum’s I’ve known for 4 years+ and there is great fellowship amongst us. Most of us have more than one child, we all have different lives to the normal. We have shared joy and heart break over the years. These are the ladies I turn to when I need advice and support. We had tears on Thurs, and much, much laughter. There is understanding between us.

This afternoon, we went to the park and met up with 6 other families. There is a unique connection between our children. They play together, like they play with no one else. They don’t care when another child shouts or screams because they do it too. They just get on, although they squabble and tell tales, it is forgotten about within an instant, they move on and play. It gives me immense pleasure to see my boy’s play in a confident manner and properly play. When you ask boyo who his friends are, he will name these children, before the ones he sees daily at school. 

There is an unexplainable connection, between the children and between the adults. 

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