Holiday time

For a variety of reasons we tend to have our main summer holiday in May. So last Sat saw us packing the car at 6.00am, then waking the boys and setting off on a journey we dreaded…Bradford to deepest, darkest Suffolk isn’t the fastest of journeys, when boyo kicks off on a trip to Yorkshire coast. We had the DVD players loaded and ready to go, we had sweets, we had plans of where we could stop, and we set off. 

We eventually made it, with a number of stops; including a run in Thetford forest, about 8 hrs after we set off (we had lots of stops). We have stayed in a village, 5 miles from where my grandparents met, and 5 miles from the beach. And this is the reason we come to Suffolk every so often, because this is one of of my ancestral homes…there is a village graveyard, where I can go and say, I am related to a good third of the people in this graveyard, including 2 of my grandparents and some of my great grandparents. 

We have spent the majority of our time on the beach. The beach that we were regularly taken to as children, and that Dad and Aunt have memories of visiting as children. It is special to see my children playing on that beach. 

We have visited my great aunt and uncle…who Boyo likes because they have a tractor that he can ride on, alongside a meadow to run in. I spent time with my aunt whilst the boys and himself walked the meadow with my uncle. She is a special lady, they are a special couple, with a lot of stories to tell of the old days. We don’t see them anything like regularly enough. 

The boys have coped better than we expected, there has been plenty of running in open spaces, digging in sand and stone collecting. There have been a few meltdowns, but less than there are in a normal school week. We are going to call it a successful week, more happy memories of a happy place. 

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