All you need is love…

I have a couple of things going on right now that I cannot share, but they are taking over my head. Forgive me, and don’t ask but I am feeling more emotional than normal and nearly went to see GP rather than go to work this morning. I did go to work, and because my job is what it is, I had no time to think whilst at work. 

On the way to work this morning, I was listening to a beautifully sung cover version of ‘All you need is love’ and started ranting at the radio. There are many of us living lives that prove love is not enough. I wish it wasn’t so, but love and time alone don’t appear to fix the after effects of trauma. This week I need to have conversations with PASW about the adoption support fund, but no one here seems very clear about it. The service manager wants to work with us but appears to be as much in the dark as everyone else, but at least she has a plan. 

So here I am, with my head spinning and the need to think what we want and need. It looks like we are heading into a difficult few weeks…but we will survive and in the end be stronger still. 

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