And breathe

I nearly cried yesterday, in pure relief.

We have been dealing with PAS for 18months now…we have been referred to CAHMS and our SW is allegedly writing an EHCP application for us. 

CAHMS have met me and himself 4 times, they have not meet boyo. He is finally on the waiting list for a sensory assessment and play therapy, but the lists are long.

The EHCP will not be happening, no matter the fact that I have been told it is.

Other than that there has been many empty words, a referral to join a group of school age adopters (with recently placed children) and an assurance that everything will be okay, because the PASW says so.

Yesterday was our adoption celebration. The woman who chaired all 4 of our panals, left the team last summer, but has just rejoined as service manager (think that is her title). I like her, she likes me. She is an adoptive parent. I spoke to her at the beginning of the event to ask if it was okay if I handed out some flyers about parent led groups locally…not only did she agree, and wonder why I asked, but handed some out herself! 

I caught up with her later, and expressed by concern about Boyo, and the lack of input from CAHMS and hinted at empty promises. She expressed her concern and her frustration. She asked if I knew what we wanted and I said I though DDP but was open to ideas. She suggested I speak to the play therapist who is on secondment to the adoption team, and that ‘we’ would organise a therapeutic assessment and apply for the adoption support fund, and we could be one of the first for the agency. 

There was more than that. Some of which I am sworn to secrecy about, and as people I know in real life read this blog, I cannot share. But I left reassured that change is coming to our LA PAS. 

She went away and spoke to our old assessment and placement SW who will work on this with us. I have been left to email our PAS SW but more to inform than anything.

The relief I/we feel is immense. We have meaningful support and a possible brighter future for all PAS in the area. 

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4 Responses to And breathe

  1. onroadtoadopt says:

    Sounds hopeful – got everything crossed for you.

  2. So pleased for you, I really hope it comes to fruition. thanks for sharing on #WASO

  3. Fantastic that you are getting support…. But unreal – surreal even – that CAMHS met you 4 times without meeting your son. Wishing you all the best x

  4. Really hoping that this encouragement leads to actual action for you all x

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