Until yesterday, it truly has been one of those weeks. Boyo has very mixed feelings about his birthday… due partly to the fact he moved (to us) just a few days before his second birthday. And whilst he cannot verbalise those feelings, he does feel them. Tears on Monday and Tuesday at school, to the point I got a phone call on Monday and debated not sending him on Tues (his actual birthday).

We had a party last Sunday for him, which he enjoyed to a point. We had just 5 friends round and I had planned our time fully with back up activity. It worked, they stayed busy and happy and Boyo had his meltdown as the last person drove off. We had a theme – Minions – and included games, crafts and some DVD watching.

DSC05527 DSC05536 DSC05541 DSC05547

The castle was his favourite present and he has played with it all week since receiving it.

We managed the meltdown by putting boys and dog into car and going for a run in our nearest space. We have also been practising blowing each other over…which means a deep breathe in and gentle blow out and seeing if Boyo can blow either me or himself over.

He coped with his party better than expected. He coped with his birthday week, to a point. We have had sleepless nights and a considerable amount of tears. It has been an ‘interesting’ week.

Yesterday we went to a local outdoor education centre, who had laid on a day for adoptive families and we went as did many of our friends. Boyo had a fantastic time with his friend who was adopted around the same time as him, and whose parents were on the prep course with us. They both now have a little brother, but they have a lovely bond and just want to be together when they have the opportunity. It was a lovely day which refreshed us all.

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