Not the post I planned…

In my head I was going to write about boyo’s birthday party, 4 years of him being with us and how he is very nearly 6.

Instead I will tell you about my comfortable chair. Shortly after we moved into this house, we decided the bay window in our bedroom needed a chair. We went shopping and brought an incredibly comfortable chair. It sits in our window and many, many times I have been really grateful that we have it.

Tonight, I am sat on the chair with Jelly, who woke up screaming 30mins ago and is only just settling. My boys adore sitting in this chair with one of us, curled up in the chair with one of us. It is a safe spot in the house, were all sorts is shared, when boyo will ask to sit before bedtime on a bad day. Where bad dreams are chased away. Where bad choices don’t matter. Where love over rules.

It’s where I sit when I can’t sleep, curled up with a blanket and a book, or my ipad. It is a place to just be.

And now, I need to pop Jelly back to bed, and I need to plan some lessons to teach tomorrow – such has the weekend has been.

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1 Response to Not the post I planned…

  1. What a wonderful chair! It sounds almost magical.

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