Help please…

Adopters and Foster Carers I need your help please…

My local council is proposing changes to how Foster Carers are paid, with the result that many experienced Foster Carers are talking about giving up. They were given very little notice about the potential changes and the council meeting where it will be discussed  is on Thurs.

I am meeting one of our local Councillors on Thurs morning. She is also concerned about the proposals and has a better than most on council understanding of the issues that these children face as she sits on panel (she has done 3 out of 4 of our panels) for our local agency. I will explain to her what my concerns are, and what our experiences are and how much we should value these amazing people.

I know personally what an amazing job foster carers do; Jelly in particular had a fantastic start in foster care, with an amazing foster mum who had just him in placement. I have lots to say…but I need your experiences as well…let me tell this Councillor just what an important job some foster carers do (I know not everyone has a good experience). If you have a story to tell about how your children have benefited from good foster parents, please will you comment on this post, so I can have examples beyond my own.

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8 Responses to Help please…

  1. Al Coates says:

    Hi, You may try speaking to the fostering network who act nationally for Foster Carers. They may be able to offer support and advice to carers and advocate on their behalf.

  2. Vicki says:

    Our son’s foster carer was brilliant. She met all of his needs, which wasn’t easy when she had her own health issues, and went above and beyond what would be expected of her. Without her, we wouldn’t know those little stories that make him who he is…the dates of his firsts, the foods he preferred, health concerns and doctors visits, stories of his siblings (who she’d provided respite to), and much more. These are the things he might want to know when he’s older, she even gave us the moses basket she used with him, so we could pass it down through our family, and the notes that were sent between her and his birth mother at contact sessions. Social Services told us the basics of our son; the things we needed to know to make a decision on whether we were right for him and vice versa, the foster carer brought him to life and gave him an amazing start.

  3. Nicky says:

    Our son’s foster carers literally changed his life. They loved him and gave him someone to love, until he met us, his forever family. They looked after him for a few years before he came to us and we consider them to be extended family. Our son would not be who he is today without them.

  4. Rachel says:

    Our two sons were in a foster placement together and are birth brothers. Their carers were and are amazing, as were and are their extended family. We are still in contact with them as they are so important to the boys and have provided so much invaluable information.

  5. My son J was taken into emergency foster care when he was 2. His foster carers fostered babies short-term before they were either returned to their families or a long-term foster home was found for them. However, J stayed with them for four years while the LA dillied and dallied. They said he was the most challenging child they’d ever fostered…. but they stuck by him, until eventually he was matched with me for adoption. Without that long term bond, and secure attachment that he developed with them, his future might have been extremely different. J loved them and we will always be grateful to them for persevering, and ‘going beyond the call of duty’.

  6. Carole Calliw says:

    Hi! Our two children came from different foster homes. Our first was loved unconditionally by two lovely people and their two daughters. 7 years on and we still see them and our daughter can relate to her first year of life with lots of love and care. Our second was fostered for longer and was part of the family. It’s so important to us that we can include our children’s foster carers in their life history as it is such an important time of their lives. It would be a massive loss to society if these amazing people were to give up. They are worth every penny they are paid.

  7. Liz Duncan says:

    our little girl’s foster carer is an amazing woman and a huge part of our lives. She had our girl straight from hospital and helped her through her first awful months of severe drug withdrawal, spending her nights on the sofa with a screaming baby so as not to disturb the rest of the household. She has said since that K is the hardest baby and worst affected child that she had ever cared for but care she did for 17 months while also caring for a similar aged baby and two older children. She has given our daughter an amazing start and many happy memories and will always be part of our lives. K regularly tells me that she doesn’t love mummy, she loves daddy and G (her foster carer!!)

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