Meeting… Team around the child

So it’s nearly two weeks since our Team Around the Child (TAC) at school…since when I have heard nothing from our Post Adoption Social Worker and had an apology from the SENCO.

The SENCO had invited a selection of people to the meeting, and most attended, including the pediatrician, occupational therapist, CAHMS worker alongside us, PASW and Boyo’s class teacher.

There was a lot of discussion about how Boyo is doing in school – emotionally okay (mostly), socially okay but only as with some pupils who have known him since they were 2, academically working on P scales and struggling a lot.  SENCO talked about the fact they had recently started Boyo working with 3 students from Yr2 3 afternoons a week, as emotionally, socially and academically they are very similar. They have been looking at practical maths, science and cooking on these afternoons. Boyo enjoys them, and is happy to take part.

Teacher talked about the buddy system they have in place at play times and break times so that Boyo always has someone to play with. She commented that the children like to do this, and mostly like to play with Boyo, but that sometimes it doesn’t work.

Himself and I talked about the issues that we have at home following school. The fact that it needs both of us there, most afternoons, so that Boyo can have 1 to 1 adult interaction. We talked about the meltdowns and the sleep issues (again). Teacher commented that he is obviously still not ‘safe’ at school in his head, and that he is operating on high stress levels. Usually at school in manages his behaviour and has only lashed out once – and does not generally show any defiance (that one changed this last week).

We (us and teacher) about his inconsistency with ability – that some days he can do something and the next he can’t and it’s can’t not won’t. Teacher mentioned issues with loud voices (this has been a problem with PE) and how Boyo does not cope even if it is someone else been shouted at.

PASW talked about developmental trauma, SENCO said that we were tired and overworked. SENCO suggested that PASW should look at hydrotherapy or rebound activity afterschool one or two afternoons a week – which he agreed too, but…as I said we’ve not heard from him since.

Pediatrician suddenly announced that we have our own sleep clinic now in city, and that she would refer Boyo to it (we had this conversation about sleep in Oct, and only now did she think about referring us). CAHMS have agreed to put Boyo on waiting list for sensory profile work alongside play therapy waiting list.

AND we talked about EHC and moving towards getting it applied for. Both teacher and I are in agreement about where he is in terms of city ranges (range 3/4, got to be range 4 to be award EHC on education grounds) – not really bad enough yet, but with the other issues alongside there is a chance that it will happen.

Was the meeting worthwhile – possibly not, but we did get the sensory profile promise, and referral to sleep clinic. SENCO and I have known we were heading EHC, just the timing of it was up for debate.

The apology was because she didn’t get any more promises of help for us. I told her I wasn’t bothered because that is were we are. She knows that I am pushing PASW for actually help for Boyo, and that I am getting nowhere. She also said that she has emailed the EHC form to PASW but not received an acknowledgement for it – so we wait and see on that one.

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  1. Boyo deserves the best and so do you. xx

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