The first 100…

The first 100… such a challenging little title, it appears. I have all sorts of negative things I could write, but I want this to be positive. I’m not a negative person, no matter how it appears on twitter and on this blog. I think that these are often places that we let off stream, and as adopters we need to do that. So although it’s not at 100 yet, I will share my secret jar…

This year, my New Year’s Resolution was for me… each week, at least 3 times I am aiming to write down something positive, something good, something that made me laugh during the day. It goes into the jar, to be looked at next New Year’s Eve. To remind me, there is a lot of positives about – not negatives.

I’m at 15 snippets of life (which isn’t 100 I know). They range from my joy in boyo coping on New year’s day with all the people in our house, to the pleasure of a huge cuddle from Jelly on our first day back after the Christmas holidays. 15 in 3 weeks, that’s not bad going. Hopefully it won’t be long until I have my first 100 positives of 2015.

Well done The Adoption Social, 100 weeks of #WASO! I have enjoyed taking part, and reading.

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