A place to relax…

I laughed when I just realised I hadn’t posted anything since last weekend (I know, situation normal really) my last post was all about The Open Nest Conference and this post well, you’ll see…

This past half term has been incredibly hard, a proper return to 3 day a week work, in that stressful environment of a secondary school alongside settling Jelly (who is properly 2) into a new routine and the childminder 3 days a week and settling Boyo back to school. Having had 6 weeks of difficult behaviour over the summer holidays, we had the first 6 weeks of this school year with incredibly hard behaviour…that’s 12 weeks of hitting, kicking, the odd bite, meltdowns every day and little sleep!

There have been times when I have felt that things could not carry on the way they were. As well as getting to work, childminder and school, we have had appointments with 3 different social workers, cahms, play therapist, eye clinic, hearing test, paediatrician, random GP (as instructed by SW) and other meetings.   A good friend of mine suggested a visit to a GP and time off with stress. Another said – give up teaching. And these are both teachers.

But we battled through and we made it, and I suddenly realised on Friday that we had made it… and we had a treat to look forward to. And the sort of treat that on Friday, when I breathed out and felt the stress dissipating. I knew we were going somewhere where I didn’t have to explain or make excuses… that when Boyo had a meltdown I didn’t have to worry about what someone who could hear him was going to think. The sort of place that adopters of children who struggle can relax.

On Saturday, once we had acknowledged and validated Boyo’s concerns about our trip, we packed the car and set off. And a couple of hours later we arrived at La Rosa Campsite, to be welcomed by the lovely people there.

We relaxed on the way, and then breathed out when we arrived. It is amazing to be amongst people who understand, and we can allow the boys to be themselves. They both loved it. He loved the sandpit. Jelly loved having the play room and space to play. We stayed in the barn and were lovely and cozy.

Boyo has asked about going back, he enjoyed himself tremendously, this is the boy who hates being away from home. There were rabbits and guinea pigs to meet, and fuss. In fact on Sunday he helped Jazz clean the hutches out. He enjoyed the time he had playing ball with Jazz, even though he was his demanding self, she showed patience and understanding. When he jumped at the dogs barking, she understood that it was the noise that unsettled him.

Not only did we relax, we came home with more hope for the future than we have had for a few weeks. So although we may not have had an amazing amount of sleep (at least one night we were there), we came home feeling better. Once again La Rosa worked it’s magic on our family.

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2 Responses to A place to relax…

  1. Lyndsey drew says:

    When you went to La Rosa was it an adoption specific weekend? Just with you saying being around people who understood. Also, when I looked on their website they mentioned not wanting children to play with their numerous nik naks and ornamental toys. Was this an issue? Thank you

    • newm says:

      La Rosa is run by Amanda Boorman who is the founder of the open nest charity, she understands as she has been there and done that. My biggy got on fantastically well with her daughter, Jazz, who Amanda adopted 15 (?) years ago. It wasn’t an adoption specific weekend, it was a weekend away for us to be somewhere with people who have lived it, who are living it.

      It does say on the website about not wanting children to play with the niknaks, but whilst we tried to avoid it by moving things (we have a two year old) I know that if something had been broken by accident it would not have been an issue. It helped that there are things for them to play with in the barn. When we visited previously in the summer, we played outside, in the wood, in the mud, it hasn’t been a problem.

      If you are debating going, do it. For us it is a magic place. Please ask if you have more questions.

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