Clinging on

I want to say things are getting better, and perhaps they are. However, I do spend most of my time rushing from one thing to another and hoping that I am just about doing enough.

I work three days a week, but most of my ‘off’ days are presently spent trying to get some support. Post adoption support, CAHMS, paediatrician, play therapist and along side this the odd review for jelly, SW visits for Jelly, meeting Jelly’s birth mum.

Alongside this…and trust me I’m not complaining…adoption forum, adoption support group and our little sub group for life story work. I also help run a Brownie pack and are vaguely on the committee for the village pre school.

Somehow, I seem to have lost time for me and my jobs. The few spare minutes I make, I mark books and plan some lessons.

My challenge now is to find that space for me. I’m looking hard. Because as a wise friend told me, if I don’t find some space for me how can I recuperate from the general stress of life.

Boyo is still unsettled and waking every night. Jelly wakes at 6 every morning…and doesn’t think that anyone should sleep any longer than that. The good news is school are supportive. The post adoption support worker is listening. CAHMS are listening and talking to others.

I will find a way back to blogging regularly. I will find a way back to twitter. It might take a few more weeks but it will happen. Because I can’t keep on like this.

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